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Are you looking for a way to earn even more money and attract new business prospects? We’re sure you would be interested in learning how you can increase your sales by 1200% overnight… Our double opt-in email advertising provides an effective way to do all 3!
Our 100% permission-based double opt-in email campaigns will never resort to the following tactics used by many of our competitors:
Sending up to 10,000,000 emails per hour
Performing 1-click emailing
Using safelist email services
Performing automated email validations
Conducting basic massive email advertising
Utilizing a web-based email blaster

No Safelists! No Spamming! No Paid to Read Emails!



E-mail advertising scams flood the Internet. Don’t be fooled by mass e-mail programs that promise huge results by sending bulk messages. Do yourself a favor and save your hard earned money. With our permission-based e-mail campaigns, you get 100% readability!

How Can We Help You?

Our goal is to help you obtain more business! We do this by directing your e-mail advertising campaign to customers who want to hear from you! That means no more money wasted on bulk services and no more spam sent! All the addresses you’ll receive are mined from high-traffic websites such as AltaVista, and

OptinCenter is a reputable company that’s here to stay! Many large renowned companies such as Compaq, Nokia, AT&T and Columbia House have used our services with great success.

Four key factors determine the success of your e-mail marketing campaign. If you can answer “yes” to the following statements, then your campaign will be a surefire success:

1. E-Mail List
Have you found success with bulk mailing services? Research proves that the best results are achieved when your e-mails are read by individuals who are expecting your message. This is where permission-based e-mail marketing can really make your business soar. siness soar.

2. Subject Line
Is it concise and relevant to what you are offering? We never resort to deceptive marketing practices – they are not only highly unethical, but also illegal! You can remain confidentl that our advertising is all honest and ethical.

3. HTML Message

Studies show that HTML messages containing links, pictures or other multimedia tools are far more effective than plain text ones. Prospective customers find HTML messages more engaging and visually attractive.

4. Reporting
Does your current strategy enable you to verify exactly how many people are viewing your advertising message or how many people are clicking through to your information? We provide this as every marketing technique needs to be measured for success.

To read about even more benefits we can offer you and your business, please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to advertise with us or obtain additional information, please give us a call!

London Office: 44-20-8133-5367
New York Office: 1-845-704-7438